Here at the Comfort Inn we have no problem with your four-legged companion, as long as we get to pet them when you check-in! Missoula is the perfect city to explore with your dog, where water dishes sit outside local shops and everyone seems to have a hidden stash of treats. One of the best spots for friendly dogs and their owners is Jacob’s Island Bark Park—a 6-acre dog park surrounded by the Clark Fork River and full of Missoula’s cutest canines. Huskies frolic in freshly fallen snow all winter, and tubers float past water-loving labs in summer months. No matter what time of year you’re visiting the Bark Park, we think your dog will have a ball. Best of all, it’s a quick walk (or run!) from your room at the Comfort Inn.

A scenic 5-minute stroll down the Clark Fork River and over the nearby walking bridge brings you to Jacob’s Island. From there, simply turn left and enter the gated area to dog park heaven.

You’ll know you’ve reached the end of the park when you’re surrounded by mountain views and flowing water.

Once winter hits, dogs take every chance they get to play in the snow.

It’s hard to keep adventurous dogs out of the river, no matter what temperature it is.

In spring they run laps in wide open spaces and pant happily under shady trees.

The bridge back to the Comfort Inn will light the way as the sun goes down at Jacob’s Island Bark Park.