Iconic Missoula Hikes Within 1 Mile of Your Room

You’re bound to notice two things as soon as you arrive in Missoula: 1) you’re surrounded by rolling hills and high peaks, and 2) three of those hills are decorated with large, white symbols. And since you’re in the land of outdoor adventure, you know they aren’t just for looking – you can enjoy a beautiful hike straight up to any (or all) three.

The “M” on Mount Sentinel

Distance: ¾ miles each way

Elevation Game: 620 feet

Perhaps the most iconic hike in Missoula, this quick ascent will reward you with one of our favorite views of the city. And just wait, we guarantee the “M” is bigger than you thought it would be up close!

The “L” on Mount Jumbo

Distance: ⅔ miles each way

Elevation Game: 500 feet

Aside from our longtime locals, we’ve all asked what the giant “L” on Mount Jumbo stands for, and few guess the actual answer – Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School. This hike is shorter than a trip to the “M”, but still a strenuous uphill trek well-worth the views.

The Peace Sign on Waterworks Hill

Distance: 3.5 miles round trip

Elevation Game: 708 feet

While everyone flocks to the “M” and “L,” the longer, but mellower hike to the peace sign is left with far less foot traffic. Start in Greenough Park and feel free to bring your canine companions along!

Cover photo courtesy of Destination Missoula.