Missoula is full of dog-friendly trails, such as the trails at Blue Mountain Recreation Area.

Missoula is a dog-friendly town through and through, and that is why we love welcoming our four-legged guests at the Comfort Inn. However, we know that traveling with your pup can get rough if they don’t get to stretch their legs from time to time. If your furry road warriors have been looking out the window the whole way—drooling over the rolling hills, towering mountains and open valleys of Western Montana—then it’s time to hit one of the many dog-friendly trails in Missoula. Here are just a few of our favorites and everything you need to know, from leash requirements to the average drive time from your room at the Comfort Inn. 

Blue Mountain Recreation Area

Drive Time: 18 minutes
Leash Requirements: Off-Leash Permitted
Good to Know: Blue Mountain has 41 miles of trail to explore, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. However, keep in mind that mountain bikers, horseback riders, and winter snowshoers and cross country skiers often share the trail. If your dog is easily spooked by any of those possibilities, or still needs work on their voice recall, opt for a leashed adventure.

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

Drive Time: 10 minutes
Leash Requirements: Leash Required
Good to Know: Dogs are allowed in some areas of the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, but not all. Just make sure you leash up and be conscious of all signage as you explore! More info on dog regulations in the Rattlesnake, as well as other spots throughout Missoula, can be found here.

Pattee Canyon Recreation Area

Drive Time: 15 minutes
Leash Requirements: Off-Leash Permitted
Good to Know: Pattee Canyon is a beautiful and convenient spot for on and off-leash hiking—just don’t let your playful pooch run on any ski trails in the winter!

Waterworks Hill

Drive Time: 4 minutes
Leash Requirements: Off-Leash Permitted in Designated Zones
Good to Know: Waterworks is an especially accessible spot when you’re staying at the Comfort Inn, as it is open year-round and less than 5 minutes away. Dogs must be leashed for the first 300 yards of trail, but off-leash is permitted past that. 

Off-Leash Bonus: Dog Parks! 

In addition to numerous trail systems, Missoula is full of fenced dog parks for off-leash fun. Jacobs Island Bark Park, for example, sits right across the river from your room at the Comfort Inn and offers 6 acres of dog-fueled fun surrounded by the Clark Fork River.