Clean the World

Comfort Inn University Missoula collects and recycles discarded soap and bottled amenities. Together with Providence Hospitality, the Missoula hotel partners with “Clean the World” to recycle soap and bottled amenities that prevent hygiene-related illnesses in developing countries worldwide.

Every day more than 5,000 children worldwide die from hygiene-related illnesses – specifically pneumonia and diarrheal disease. The World Health Organization says about half those deaths could be prevented if families in developing countries had access to soap and hygiene education. Yet here in North America, the hospitality industry discards nearly 2 million bars of soap daily.

“Clean the World” is a social enterprise that collects and recycles discarded soap and bottled amenities from hotels in North America, Hong Kong and Macau, China. The recycled soap is distributed around the world in areas where there is a high risk of hygiene-related illness.

Providence Hospitality supports the lifesaving mission by turning our trash into treasure. It allows us to help provide soap to those who need it most while also reducing our landfill impact.

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