Explore Missoula

We all know the feeling—one day you’re eagerly waiting for the first farmers market of the year, and the next day you look down at your calendar and can’t believe it’s already August. But don’t worry, because summertime in Missoula is far from over. Here are 5 ways we love to soak up the final days of summer in Missoula.

Float down the river

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again—Missoula is a river town, through and through. If you haven’t experienced a day lazily floating along, or laughing as you splash through a rapid, then it’s time to grab a tube, maybe a waterproof speaker, some cold beverages (cans only, no glass allowed!) and hit the river. The water feels great, but tends to move a little slower as summer winds down, so prepare for a slightly longer and mellower float this time of year. If your group doesn’t have two cars to park at either end of your float, consider using Missoula’s River Float Shuttle.

The Clark Fork River flowing past the Comfort Inn in Missoula, Montana.

Catch a local summer event

Missoula keeps busy all summer long with annual events like River City Roots Festival, Symphony in the Park, the Snowbowl 15k and Sunday Streets Missoula, as well as weekly events like the farmers markets, Out to Lunch, and Downtown ToNight in Caras Park. So don’t mourn the end of summer just yet—when it comes to events, we’re just getting started! Check out an events calendar to see what’s going on during your visit.

People eating and hanging out in Caras Park during summer in Missoula.
Photo courtesy of Destination Missoula

Try a seasonal summer brew

The breweries in Missoula are killing it all four seasons out of the year, and we certainly don’t discriminate when it comes to beer-drinking weather, but there is something extra satisfying about a cold beer on a hot summer day. Luckily, you still have plenty of time to take advantage of all the seasonal brews at each brewery. Our current favorites include the Blackberry Bramble American Sour at Draught Works, the Grapefruit Mt. Jumbo IPA from Highlander Beer, and the Chili Nelson Poblano Ale from Conflux Brewing Company.

A beer on the patio at Draught Works Brewing in Missoula.
Photo courtesy of Destination Missoula

Take a sunset hike

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but we’re still enjoying extra long days that allow for late-evening hikes around town. If you’re looking for that perfect sunset-over-Missoula shot, we recommend heading up Mt. Sentinel or Waterworks Hill just before the sun starts to sink—usually between 8-9pm this time of year. For more on iconic Missoula hikes close to your room at the Comfort Inn, check out our recent blog post with all the information you’ll need.

Sunset over Missoula.
Photo courtesy of Destination Missoula

Enjoy a scoop (or two!) at Big Dipper

Big Dipper sticks around through the colder months, but, similar to a cold beer, there’s something extra special about enjoying a scoop of Big Dipper ice cream under the summer sun. Going there is an experience in itself—you wait in line among excited kids, dogs patiently sitting for their “pup cone,” couples hand-in-hand on a Big Dipper date, and more. Once you get up to the window, you make the tough decision between tried-and-true favorites (Salted Caramel!) or seasonal specials (Lemongrass Chili Kombucha Sorbet!). Finally, you find the perfect spot in their large outdoor seating area, complete with picnic benches and happy customers.

An ice cream cone from Big Dipper ice cream in Missoula.
Photo courtesy of Destination Missoula